A few photos of the city.

Now that the sun is out and my shutter release hand is out of the cast, I thought I’d give you a sense of what this ancient city looks like.

These shots are my immediate neighbourhood: the street and specific building where I live and the alleyway I use the most.

My immediate environs, however, do not reflect a general sense of the city. These shots are more representative of the general built environment.

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The community ClujBike equipment looks new,


but the bike paths are well established and well used.

The choice of bike design for the ClujBikes meets more than just transportation needs.


My passion for gates and alleyways of all kinds continues unabated.

But what’s the sense of a place without the folks that live there?

Urban residential areas always have their own personality.

Here and there in the business districts, there are splashes of new money…

that contrast with an era no one misses.


I’ll end for now without commentary on or photos of the major monuments and historic sites, but will end instead with a bit a whimsy.






7 thoughts on “A few photos of the city.

  1. Thank you for this very generous post — like three or four separate posts all rolled into one. Glad to hear that your hand has healed enough that your camera finger is back in action. What a great selection of photos! I loved the ‘gate series’; you have such a way of seeing and showing beauty in the most common things. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Cluj has a public bike loan/rental system and a network of bicycle paths. Wishing you a happy Easter weekend.



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