Back in Canada update

The return to Canada has meant a need to change focus — from working with material to create blog posts to working with material to create presentations. These commitments were made as part of the Transylvania research trip project, but meeting them has interfered with my capacity to return here to create a satisfy blog conclusion.

I will be presenting a homily, “Religion as Survival Strategy,” at First Unitarian Church of Victoria on Sunday, September 3 (tomorrow as I write this). The service is at 10:30 PDT and will be livestreamed.  For friends who might be interested, this translates as 12:30 Winnipeg time, 13:30 in New Jersey, and 20:30 in Romania. The write up about the homily and the link to the livestream can be found here.

I have also been preoccupied with activities related to my Community Sabbatical Fellowship at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria. You can see a list of my fellowship colleagues here (the little blurb about me is at the very bottom). It is a very engaging and stimulating environment and I am treasuring the experience.

I am scheduled to lead a “Coffee Talk” at the Centre on Wednesday, September 20 (11:00-noon). The working title is “Transylvania Through Unitarian Lens” and I will be using  photographs as discussion starters for that event as well.

I intend to reuse the material from the blog posts as I have done with other travel blogs to create a photo book — and so will return here again to post the concluding material. Thanks for reading, thanks for you patience, and thanks for your friendship. You mean more to me than you could possibly know.

Hubby made me this cute t-shirt as a welcome home present. Such a sweetie.

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5 thoughts on “Back in Canada update

  1. Hi Michelle,

    Welcome home! We will be out of town the week of your Coffee Talk – sorry to miss it. Looking forward to a coffee catch-up sometime soon.

    Cheers, Lynne


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