Sprinkling Day in Alsófelsőszentmihály*

Poetry. Perfume. (Lots of perfume.) Coloured eggs and cake. (Lots and lots of cake.) The ancient custom of “sprinkling” is still practiced in Hungarian villages on Easter Monday. It’s a suit and tie event for men as they set off for a round of visiting the homes of women, bottles of perfume in hand. Which,… Read More Sprinkling Day in Alsófelsőszentmihály*

All for a cup of joe.

Starbucks. The sign had my complete attention. For a moment. I’ve been through this before. A Starbucks sign is not a guarantee. Coffee, to be sure. But coffee is easy to be had. In this town, you barely have to walk a block to get a coffee.… Read More All for a cup of joe.

Flower Communion Sunday

Yesterday was Flower Communion Sunday at the Downtown Unitarian Church in Kolozsvár. The date Unitarians mark this celebration varies, but the practice is the same around the world. Each congregant brings a flower, symbolic of their unique human nature, and places it in a vase, a gesture indicating they participate in the ceremony of their own free will. At the end of the service, each takes a flower from a vase other than the one they brought, a symbol of valuing the human dignity of others.… Read More Flower Communion Sunday